Carver Estate Agents - Branding

Carver Estate Agents - For Sale Sign

Charles Carver came to us looking for some branding for a new estate agency he would be setting up with his father, named Carver Estate Agents. The job involved creating a brand guideline for the company, a logo, and a font and colour scheme. We were also asked to come up with a design for some “For Sale” signs, as well as a design for business cards and letterheads.

Carver Estate Agents - Logo

Charles informed us that their new premises would be painted dark blue, so that was our starting point for the colouring. The designs for the logo explored the idea of combining imagery related to homes and buildings with a “C”. Charles liked the design with the windows as they could play around with the colouring of each pane in their marketing.

Carver Estate Agents - Business Cards
Carver Estate Agents - Letterhead

Charles wanted a sale sign that would stand out from the others on the side of the road, so we came up with an exciting yet suitable layout. This design was then carried over to the business cards and letterheads.


Carver Estate Agents - Drafts

Carver Estate Agents is in the final stages of their set up, and will be looking to launch within the year. It was a pleasure working with them!

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