Umami Chef – Branding & Packaging

Umami Chef Logo
  • Company Name: Umami Chef
  • Service: Branding & Packaging
  • Location: Pershore

At the start of the year we were approached by Jackie Bailey, who had been recommended to us by our former clients from Pershore Juneberries. She was in the process of starting up a Japanese food business, and was in need of some branding and packaging to get her started.

Her new food business was called Umami Chef, and she mostly specialised in Japanese Koji, which is a miso rice product. Her business is the first in the UK to manufacture Koji, catering towards high-end chefs, and vegan home cooks.


Umami Chef - Drafts

She was looking for a fun, yet professional logo, with a slight oriental theme. Our first set of designs explored this idea, but after going through each one, Jackie decided another route would better suit her business. She suggested we place a larger emphasise on the chef theme. We came up with a clever design which combined the U of Umami, with that of a chef’s hat. To route it with the theme of Japan, we used lettering that is often found on Anime TV shows. Jackie loved this new approach!

Umami Chef - Business Cards

With the logo in place, we moved onto other aspects of her brand, including some business cards, letterheads and features for her website.

Umami Chef - Packaging

After a few months, Jackie returned to us, this time asking for a design for some pouch packaging for her Koji White Rice product. This was a first for us, so we couldn’t wait to get started. We reused a lot of the themes we established while developing her brand. The product can now be purchased online here.

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