Hinton Motorsport

Hinton Motorsport - Logo
  • Team: Hinton Motorsport
  • Service: Logo
  • Location: Worcester

Our friend Scott Hinton came to us looking for a Logo for his karting team, Hinton Motorsport. He raced regularly with his dad in Worcester, and wanted to have something placed on the side of their karts. They were looking for two logos, to represent each member. They asked for the design to include a sprocket, and have a racing feel to it.

Hinton Motorsport - Karts

They wanted the colour scheme of each logo to represent each member, so we looked at the colours found on their two karts and used that in the design. We added a subtle metallic effect to the design to add to its racing feel. The overall design came out looking great, and Scott was very pleased with it! Wishing them good luck at their next race!

Hinton Motorsport - Logo 2

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