Aragami is out now!

Aragami is out now!
  • Game Name: Aragami
  • Service: Logo
  • Location: Barcelona

So a few weeks ago we designed a Logo for an upcoming Ninja/Assassin Video Game called Aragami, and here it is! We had the pleasure of working with Barcelona based Video Game designers Lince Works. They approched us to help design their Logo for the project. This was an exciting opportunity for us, as we are big lovers of video games ourselves, so we see it as mixing work with pleasure!

Aragami - Logo

The game is set in Japan, where you control the titled character, using stealth and the shadows to your advantage and surprising your enemy. With that in mind, we designed a Logo which jumps out at the viewer, very much like the character would in the game. We also included a Japanese Kanji to root it with its setting.

Aragami - Poster

We are extremely pleased to see our design on an actual game and can’t wait to play it! The game is gathering quite the buzz online, which the Lead Developer and CEO, David Leon and his team, Lince Works deserve for all the hard work they put in! It is out now on PS4 and Steam, with a future Xbox One version coming soon!We are looking forward to working with the team again. You can purchase the game here.


Aragami - Drafts

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