Retainer Plans

We offer monthly retainer plans, which are great for businesses who need regular design work and visual content

What are retainer plans and how can they help your business?

Design retainers can seem really complicated if you have never done them before. However, its very simple: a business pays for a specific number of our hours every month at a discounted rate for us to complete regular design work that helps sustain the business. In other words, you buy x hours, and we work x hours every month. It helps establish a long-term relationship with a business and their designer, avoiding the need to continually interview and brief a new designer or design team for each project that comes up. Graphic design retainers give your business all the benefits of having an inhouse graphic design department for a fraction of the cost, saving you money as we develop your brand!

Sometimes, just paying for one service is not enough, most of our design services can benefit you as an ongoing investment. These types of plans are ideal for business and marketers who always need regular design work and visual content created everyday to help them develop and support their business. We can design things like brochures, email newsletters, flyers, postcards, advertising, posters, social media graphics and business stationery for your business.

Our graphic design retainers can be tailored to you and your business to make sure you get the most out of your monthly marketing budget. This also helps to increase awareness of your brand, generate new leads and ultimately lead to new sales. There is also a easy way out if you no longer required the service. The options below can also be combined to create your own perfect plan!

retainer plan

Personal Brand Plan

This plan involves anything that needs creative input to help devlop your own personal brand. This can be services like Logo Design, Digital Banners or designing a series of instagram posts to drive traffic to your website. This is what we excel in best! The more we work together, the better we understand you brand, goals and messages.

No hidden fees. Just a rolling monthly plan to suit. Can be cancelled at any time.

Marketing Plan

This type of plan focuses on your day to day creative marketing requirements for businesses that already have an established brand. If you need regular collateral created for consistent promotion and marketing, think Flyers and Brochures, we have a system in place that makes creating these types of projects quick and efficient.

No hidden fees. Just a rolling monthly plan to suit. Can be cancelled at any time.

Revisions Plan

This plan benefits new or established businesses that just need some tweaks to design files that have already been designed. We keep all your design files saved on our servers, which means we can easily change a date on a brochure or update contact details on business cards for new employees. We generally have these revisions completed within 24 hours or sooner.

No hidden fees. Just a rolling monthly plan to suit. Can be cancelled at any time.

The Ins and Outs

No surprising bills

You don’t have to worry about billing anymore. You can send us whatever projects you want, and we will work on them for the agreed upon hours every month. You know exactly what each month will cost, so there are no surprises.

Always here for you

We are more “on call.” You will have a quicker and easier access to us as we will be working more closely together. Your projects will be given priority over non-retainer clients.

Ticking off the list

You can finally get to those projects you may have shelved because you haven’t had time up until now to get them done. Does that sound good?

Stronger relationship

You will establish a long-term easy working relationship with us, avoiding the need for you to continually interview and brief a new designer or design team for each new project that comes up.

Always designing

Create a list of projects you have been wanting to get to but just haven’t had the time. That way, if there’s ever a “down” month, we can get to work on them. If you don’t have a list like that, we can make one!

Any service

You can decide on a retainer for almost any type of project. Some common types include doing a monthly newsletter, creating new business cards for new employers, designing on-going or seasonal ad campaigns for social media, or working on a long-term project such as developing brand materials and other marketing and in-house documents for a new business.

No complicated contacts

As with all graphic design projects, we use a contract. Our retainer contract is not complicated. It spells out the terms of the working relationship, the amount of the retainer, how often and when it is paid and what the fee covers.

Easy way out

If you no longer need a regular design service, then you are able to opt out after your month.

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Retainer Plan

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