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We create unique and powerful brand identities for start-ups, small and Established Businesses.

Bold Brands start here..

In its simplest form, a brand is your customer’s perception of your product or service - how it makes them feel, and how it sways their judgement in investing in you and not your competitors.

Multiple helps to unlock your brand’s personality, visually expressing your message to your target audience. Our work is underpinned by expertise, creative thinking and a strategic process that spring-boards start-up businesses and reinvigorates established brands.

We create unique, meaningful and memorable brand identities based on strategic objectives that effectively communicate your brand values, tell your story and engage your target audience.

We start all our brand development with a logo - the jewel in the crown of a strong brand identity. With this we can then establish the creative themes to represent your brand, what colours sing about your business, and what fonts help amplify your message.

Creative Branding in Worcester

If you need branding for your business in Worcester, then why not try Multiple Design? We have helped hundreds of local businesses discover and unlock their brand. If you are located in Worcester, Malvern, Evesham or Pershore then we are happy to meet up to have a chat about how we can help! Why don’t you check out our portfolio to see what we can do!

Our Business is Branding your Business

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Our Branding Process

1. Talk

Let us know your story – how you got to where you are today, where you want to be, why you do what you do… Everything about your brand as it is now, and how you want it to be in the future by working with us!

2. Research

We look at the rest of your industry, seeing how your competitors do and don’t differ from you, as well as understanding how wide the gap is between what you think of yourselves, and how customers perceive you.

3. Findings

Collating all of our research data, reporting back any recurring themes we noticed and drawing your attention to any notable findings. From this we propose a new mission statement and accompanying company values.

4. Exploration

We start designing a number of different creative concepts, explaining our reasoning for why we think each would be a good fit for your brand, and agreeing with you which routes are worth fleshing out.

5. Concepts

We then breathe life into two or three of the creative concepts you like, presenting back developed ideas, colour palette, fonts and so on, conceptualised as a photorealistic mock-ups.

6. Refinements

Applying further polish to get your chosen design to a level of finish we are both happy with, allowing for our own exacting standards.

7. Brand Manual

The final outcome of the project, a full brand manual including everything we have created throughout the project – brand usage guidelines, brand elements, even inspiration for how the brand could be used in the future.

8. Another happy customer!

Your happy, we’re happy, your customers happy, everyone’s happy!

Some of the Brands we have created

Pershore Juneberries - Packaging - Multiple Graphic Design
Pershore Juneberries - Packaging Read About This Project
Pershore Juneberries - Packaging - Multiple Graphic Design
Pershore Juneberries - Packaging Read About This Project
Carver Estate Agents - Branding - Multiple Graphic Design
Carver Estate Agents - Branding Read About This Project
The Nest - Logo - Multiple Graphic Design
The Nest - Logo Read About This Project
The Lash - Logo - Multiple Graphic Design
Matrix Property Care - Logo Read About This Project
Grey Rose Architects - Logo - Multiple Graphic Design
Grey Rose Architects - Logo Read About This Project
The Claret Office - Logo - Multiple Graphic Design
The Claret Office - Logo Read About This Project
The Rural Architect - Logo - Multiple Graphic Design
The Rural Architect - Logo Read About This Project
Forest Heat Ltd - Logo - Multiple Graphic Design
Forest Heat Ltd - Logo Read About This Project
CRD Training - Logo - Multiple Graphic Design
CRD Training - Logo Read About This Project
Arrows - Logo - Multiple Graphic Design
Arrows - Logo
The Linguist - Logo - Multiple Graphic Design
The Linguist - Logo Read About This Project
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We help businesses with their branding all over the UK, but to name a few places....

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